Soil Amendment with Organic Tree Fertilization

Trees evolved in a forest where leaves and other natural debris remains where it falls. The decomposition of these elements acted as fertilizer for the trees by releasing nutrients back into the soil. Keeping a well-maintained lawn inadvertently deprives trees of this recycling process by removing the source of natural fertilization.

That lack of natural fertilization is a challenge for urban trees. Another is heavily compacted soil. Forest-grown trees benefit from naturally de-compacted soil, resulting in a larger amount of roots absorbing the naturally produced, fertilizing nutrients.

Soil Amendment helps alleviate both of these problems for urban trees. Soil is de-compacted in radial trenches surrounding the tree. Organic fertilizer and other beneficial matter is then added to the soil creating a healthy environment for root growth.

Vineland Tree Care practices this type of organic soil amendment tree fertilization. Contact us for more information or for a free estimate.

More information about Soil Amendment

Trees in a forest naturally receive Organic Fertilization through decomposition of leaves and de-compacted soil.


Urban trees grow in an unnatural environment. The goal of Soil Amendment with Organic Fertilization is to create healthy soil.