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  • Sawfly, don’t bother me

    Dear Vineland Tree Care: What’s eating my pine ? Sawfly larvae were feeding on your bristle cone pine, which is a very cool tree choice by the way.  The larvae eat needles down to the fascicle, the sheath that hold the bundled needles together.  Later in the year, the winged sawfly lays eggs (and earns […]

  • My Least Favorite Pest — Sawfly

    One of our early season “most wanted” for insect and disease control is the Euopean pine sawfly usually found on mugo, Scots, red and various other pines. An infestation of these glutinous, greedy little larvae starts as a few stray larvae feeding on an inconspicuous shoot, and grows into massive numbers that strip an entire […]

  • Trees and Pesticide use: Finding a Balance

    I try to see both sides of most issues. I’m willing to consider two seemingly contradictory, yet only contrary, viewpoints at the same time. I’m a Vikings fan, but I don’t hate the Packers. (I do hate the Cowboys since in my youth Drew Pearson did push off.) I think the conservatives have great ideas; […]