The Vineland Story

About Us

Vineland Tree Care is a full service tree maintenance company, dedicated to protecting and preserving the health, beauty, and value of urban forest for homes and businesses throughout the Twin Cities.

We’re family-owned, with more than thirty years experience in the science of tree care. Our experts maintain healthy trees through environmentally sound insect and disease treatments and structural pruning. And we safely remove storm-damaged or at-risk trees.

One thing that sets us apart from many tree care companies – even larger operations – is the professional education and training of our staff. Fully two-thirds of our staff are Certified Arborists. Several of our climbers are Certified Tree Safety experts. And we regularly attend continuing education seminars on advanced techniques in plant care and worker safety. That means you can trust Vineland for the highest level of efficiency, expertise, and professionalism.

“Prompt, attentive, professional, complete clean-up. When I mentioned we had a picky neighbor, they made a point of not allowing clippings to cross the property line.”

Minneapolis, MN

Our Philosophy

We believe in using the most advanced, least-invasive means of care for your trees. But sometimes the most robust means of treatment – or removal – are called for. In those cases, we don’t hesitate to recommend the most effective course.

Tree care is as much about esthetics as it is about sound judgment, and we understand that everyone has different needs and wishes. We’ll work with you to understand your own specific objectives about pruning, treatment, or removal.